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Service aim

Service Tenet

1. Service Tenet
   All the work is to meet customer satisfaction

2.Service Policy

Timely ,profession, sincerity

Timely Company has set up special service center which unify blends all the service workers. Timely accept all kinds of your consultation and service requirements, and give satisfactory answer.

Profession Service center equips with professional service and technical support engineer, after strict professional training of CLARE MIXERS Nantong factory , they can provide users with operation maintenance and reform of the equipment, improve production efficiency, reduce consumption and stoppage, diagnosis and excluding all kinds of professional technical consultation and service.

Sincerity Take the customer as center, in order to maintain long-term stability and good relationship with customer, company fully operates Customer Relationship Management System(CRM) which can execute active door-to-door service, such as first visit , regular visit and return visit etc. They resolve problems and realize value for customers, reflecting “all work for customer satisfaction” as a principle of service.

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