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  China joined the WTO is a major event in 2001, it actually shows that China has further integrated into the global economy,the internationalization of the domestic market-oriented domestic and international markets has become the new competition! Therefore, specific to our enterprise, must not be in the original "site" complacent, to the international trend is inevitable, no longer retreat behind. In fact, we are also actively implementing the international strategy .We have established a number of export channels, and in Southeast Asia, formed several distribution channels, we mainly by management in each country to achieve the sales agent for final customers pre-sale and after-sales service management, provide a good environment for them. Such as the proper delivery, good quality, fast after sales service, etc., so that they are no worries, thus avoiding the different language, culture, religion, geography, lifestyle caused inconvenience. We also actively make use of import tariff reduction opportunities,import the appropriate of key equipment and accessories to upgrade their product quality and level of equipment, to meet customer further needs.

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