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  CLARE MIXERS was founded in 1748, at the climax of the industrial revolution, with the longest history of manufacturing in Liverpool. At the beginning, it mainly produced mixing and stirring equipment. 260 years later, CLARE MIXERS enterprise has set up branches in Liverpool, Manchester, Birmingham, Europe and Hong Kong. The enterprise has been committed to and focused on research and development for mixing, stirring, dispersing, emulsifying, feeding transportation and producing energy equipment. Our products are sold all over the world for its high quality.

  In 2000, CLARE MIXERS began to invest in China mainland and established Jinagsu Clasic Energy Equipment Co., Ltd in Nantong. In 2004, the enterprise established Nantong Clare Mixing Equipment Co., Ltd..

  CLARE MIXERS has accumulated a wealth of experience in mixing, stirring, dispersing, emulsifying, feed transportation and producing energy equipment. Nantong Clare inherits and learns the advantages and rich experience from CLARE MIXERS, adopts advanced technology, to build quality products and promote the advanced mixer equipment to different material mixture filed. At present, our main products are high-shear dispersing emulsifier , ribbon mixer, multi-function mixer, striing mill, various types of static mixer, screw conveyor and star feeder valve, what are widely used in fine chemicals engineering, petrochemical, food, medicine, pharmaceutical intermediates, nano-materials, pesticides, cosmetics, animal feed, additives, paint and ink industries.

  CLARE MIXERS’ tenet is "professional, pragmatic, learning, sharing" We always treating customer as the center of our values. Our primary goal is to provide customers with the most advanced technology and superior products; our primary responsibility is to meet customers’ demands and provide more benefits. We are forging ahead constantly with professional manufacturing characteristics and innovative managment ideas. With our elaborate design, excellent manufacturing, perfect construction and a full range of services, we win authorization and trust from customers. CLARE Nantong factory relys on powerful technology, quality machining and testing equipment, and rich professional experience of producing equipments, providing perfect equipments according to diffrenent customer’s demands.

  "We can not claim to do the best, but we are must the most serious" Nantong Clare Mixing Equipment Co.,Ltd will continue to develop with your care and support.

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