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Technical support

Product advice
CLARE company has accumulated rich experience and a large amount data in mixing equipment applications,professional sales engineers can provide you all-round consulting services to provide available solutions.

Product test
Some new products or CLARE company isn’t sure whether our products can meet your requirments ,we can process mutual laboratory testing.CLARE company will provide free products for test.

Each device produced by CLARE company is designed with reasonable and optimal by professional engineers according to different requirments and material features ,regarding large and complete sets of equimpment,CLARE company will provide relevant design and chart for confirming.

Installation and commissioning
Large scale equipment,complete sets of equipment,volume production equipment,CLARE company will provide relevant commissioning and installation services at free.

Spare parts
CLARE company has common specifications spare parts warehouse to ensure provide good quality spare parts at the fastest speed.

If there are faults on the equipment,we will provide free maintenance services within warranty,out of this valid period,just collect cost.

Quality assurance
CLARE company will make 100% design review before quotation,after we receive the order,we will process 100% engineering verification,during production,all the parts will be checked.meanwhile,Company’s quality management system will ensure us to produce high quality products,and company promise to provide free maintenance for the wearing parts within 6 months since we sale within one year.


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